Live Auctions

D&G Fundraising’s live auction offering is second to none thanks to our enthusiasm and passion on creating an energetic environment for bidders to compete against one another.

Live auctions and silent auctions are commonly run at the same event and complement each other nicely in increasing your fundraising efforts.


Our renowned auctioneers will ensure we maximise the opportunity for you to raise even more money for your charity. As the bidding starts and the excitement builds, their proactive and engaging approach will encourage multiple bids on your most important auction lots; ensuring more funds for your charity in the process.


Our on-hand spotters will be present in the room to ensure no bid is missed. They will support the auctioneer in those hectic and frantic moments when every bid counts to ensure the best bids are obtained, winners are identified and items are correctly allocated to the winning bidders.


We are able to provide a full payment service either accompanying a live auction package or alternatively as a standalone add on. We are able to take debit/credit card payments on the night of your event or alternatively arrange to invoice your winning bidder for collections post-event.