The Future of Giving: Immersive Events

It was reported last year (Retail Index 2017) that spending on experiences has risen a whopping 14% in a year, with consumers opting to spend more of their disposable income on going out, rather than on material possessions. It’s this “experience” trend that is spilling into every corner of society and influencing how we interact with the modern world.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that immersive experiences are the new “must-do”, with everything from virtual reality, escape rooms, themed bars and restaurants, to pop-up retail experiences and interactive live shows — getting involved is the new trend.

These immersive experiences are swiftly taking centre stage, with more and more businesses and charities adopting this method to bring a new dimension of interaction to their cause or product. It’s great to see is how the charity sector has been adopting this new approach, using fully immersed physical and virtual experiences to bring the public closer to their cause, and making a significant difference to the donor experience in return.

There are some great examples of charities using this new trend, and there are so many options — including VR, 360˚ video, immersive experiences and event theatre — to captivate and engage the public to empathise with their cause and drive more donations.

What’s even more exciting is the ability to take this trend and apply it to charity events and dinners, using technology and theatre to turn your event into a night your guests won’t forget. Below, we have included two incredible examples of how organisations are using technology and experiences to bring their causes to life.

Save the Children – Forced to Flee

Save the Children wanted to give their guests an immersive experience by inviting them into their world. At this ground-breaking event, each guest moved through a series of emotive spaces over 45 minutes, listening to the voices of children through wireless headphones, translated and record by English child actors. It made not only a profound impact on each guest but also national headlines, for its innovative approach to the donor experience.


National Autism Society – A day in the life

The National Autism Society decided to use VR and Facebook’s 360˚ video to capture a first-person perspective of what it’s like for somebody living with autism. For most of us, it’s hard to empathise with something we don’t fully understand. The charity pulled together a compelling, immersive video following a person with autism at a shopping centre.

These types of video can not only be shared on social media but also placed at charity events, to allow the donor to better understand what they are giving their money to support. Many have seen that a clearer understanding means more pledges.


This is what travelling can feel like when you’re autistic.

Posted by National Autistic Society on Monday, March 26, 2018


It’s reasonably clear that immersive experiences, whether physical or digital, aren’t going anywhere. As technology continues to develop at warp-speed, we will only see more of this type of content and showmanship.

We specialise in creating bespoke events for a wide range of commercial and charity clients. If you’ve been inspired by how the use of immersive experiences and technology can transform your event, get in touch — we’d be happy to help.