3 innovative fundraising ideas


In recent years, the charity fundraising landscape has drastically changed, with charities finding it increasingly more challenging to implore people to part with their hard-earned cash for their well-deserved cause. Couple this with the new laws around GDPR as well as the new regulations for online advertising and it’s never been trickier to navigate the donation maze.

As a result of this, Charities are having to be more innovative and creative in their methods of enticing the general public to take part in their fundraising activities, often looking to technology and trends to attract people to make a stance with their wallet and donate.

We’ve listed three stellar examples of how charities across the UK are being super innovative and reaping the rewards in return.


1. Buggy Push

Bliss Charity, for babies born premature or sick, came up with a fun way of involving new Mum’s in a sport. They found that, around London, a whole heap of their beneficiaries and supporters were new mums and mum-groups, proudly pushing their prams to gain the vital exercise they needed, for both their physical and mental well-being after giving birth.
But, being a new mum, especially one who has had a sick baby, isn’t ready to jump feet first into a marathon. So, they decided to join the pram-pushing parents and 5-7k runs together, and the buggy push was born.

In its first year alone, they managed to raise £70,000, a considerable amount of money that made a significant difference to the charity, allowing them to put those unrestricted funds into vital projects around the country.

This is an excellent example of how understanding the needs and passions of your supporter base can benefit you financially. Teaming their passions with your cause and creating a bespoke event is a recipe for success.


2. Walk a mile in your shoes

With so many charities around the world trying to grab your attention, getting people to directly emphasise with your plight who have had no direct exposure to your cause is the sectors biggest challenge.

Bringing people into the heart of your cause by asking them to immerse themselves in it, can not only allow those who don’t understand to understand but also widen your supporter base through simple education.

A great example of how educating your supporter base can bring in the funds, is the US charity, Walk A Mile in Her Shoes. Dedicated to the awareness, education and prevention of female domestic abuse, rape & violence, their primary mission is to educate and prevent sexual assault against women.

Their smart campaign puts men at the heart of the movement, emasculating the attendees by making them walk a mile in high heeled shoes. Their intention is to flip the gender stereotype coin allowing men to understand that, where we may wear different shoes, we are all equal. This campaign enables the men participating to directly empathise with female agenda, through the use of gender-specific clothing, giving them insight and feeling of what it’s like for a woman. Turning the tables on masculinity and giving the male community the ability to empathise with the large-scale national problem of rape and abuse of women.

This fantastic event puts emotions at the heart of the movement, making the participants empathise with the beneficiary not only to donate but understand what they are donating too.


3. Gaming for Good

When it comes to digital fundraising, charities are now moving towards virtual events, replacing their physical ones. This not only allows charities to raise more pence on the pound but also reach new audiences they wouldn’t have connected with through a traditional event.

An exciting example is ‘Gaming for Good’, an online 24-hour gaming event run by the platform Twitch. The platform, an online live-streaming website for gamers, allows its users to harness the power of the multibillion-pound gaming industry and leverage online gaming as a way of generating both awareness and donations for charities around the world. To date, they have helped raise over $75m for charities, a staggering number by any account.

One UK charity that has utilised this pioneering donation method is MacMillan, who have successfully leveraged popular games and their gaming influencers to drive donations through to their cause. With some of the influencers supporting having over 100,000 loyal fans, they are reaching a whole new demographic of potential supporters.

Gaming for Good is just one incredible example of how technology can be seamlessly integrated into the fundraising mix, and those who are early adopters will have made the foundations for what will become mainstream in the next few years.


Here at D&G, we understand the importance of technology and how integrating it into our events can mean the difference between our charities meeting their targets and blowing them out of the water. We regularly use fundraising technology to harness the atmosphere in the room and make it super easy for anyone who wants to bid or pledge, to do so with the tap of a button.

We’re very proud that we’ve helped charities raise over £19m since 2010 and because of our forward-thinking and innovative events, we will continue to grow that number significantly in years to come.

If you’re looking for an event that guests will talk about for years to come, please do get in touch.

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