5 tips to maximise charity fundraising events


If you talk to any fundraiser across the country, they will tell you the importance of unrestricted funds (that’s the money they mainly get from the general public and are free to spend wherever the charity most needs.) But, one of the best ways to raise a life-changing amount of money is from hosting a fundraising event. Putting on a show-stopping gala dinner that engages and excites the audience, ultimately leading to them putting hands in their pockets and supporting your cause.

But, taking the leap of faith to put on such an event can be incredibly daunting, especially when there is no guarantee on the charities return.

However, there are a few simple steps that organisations can take to ensure they get the most of out their gala.


Auction items

Sourcing interesting and appealing items for the gala auction will be the difference between high spend and no spend. Ensuring there is the right mix of tempting items at your gala, to wet your audience’s appetite is going to be key, so using a third-party provider to ensure you get that mix is a good idea.

Some charities are incredibly lucky that their supporters give them money can’t buy items for auction, but that’s few and far between. So going to a company, such as ourselves, to help you understand and source the perfect auction items for your event that will leave you maximising donations by the end of the night.



Gone are the days of needing to have a pen and paper silent auction pad at the end of a dreary table. Now, you can incorporate sophisticated technology into your events to make bidding easy, fun and competitive.

We use the latest technology from iPads on guest’s tables to touchscreen silent auction booths to capture bids at any given moment with ease and efficiency.

The most successful events even use live scoreboards teamed with expert auctioneers to inject a competitive spirit among the room and really drive auction bids.



It’s one thing asking guests to put their hands in their pockets for your cause, it’s another to inspire and educate them to do so.

Storytelling your cause at an event can really engage and connect an audience; helping them understand why you need their money. Using technology can be a great way to articulate your cause and capture the imagination of your guests.

Using a heartfelt short film can really drive home the emotion around your cause and some charities have even adopted immersive experiences to help bring their cause to life.

Our advice, educate and engage your audience so they understand where their money is going and team that with irresistible auction prizes to really bring home the money



Creating an inclusive and electric environment can really bring out the best in your guests. Make sure that food and drink is flowing and the music is on point. All these little details will make guests feel excited and in the mood to part with their hard-earned cash to support your cause.



It’s not a show without a proper act, so getting the right entertainment can be key to guests leaving with a buzz. But don’t fret, they don’t always have to be A-list celebrities with ryders as long as your arm. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s top artists, helping bring events to life and end the evening on a high. So just make sure that you leave some room in your budget for a great act because it could mean the difference between a successful return rate and a huge drop out.


We’ve planned and executed some of the UK’s top events for brands and charities, if you need any assistance on what we’ve spoken about, get in touch.

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